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What to eat in Yaowarat- Bangkok’s Chinatown

by Chasing a Plate
What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: Chinese/Thai desserts

If you’re visiting Bangkok, chances are Chinatown otherwise known as Yaowarat is on your list of places to visit. Bangkok’s Chinatown is the perfect spot to sample a range of Thai and Thai/Chinese street foods. Yaowarat comes alive at night time. The atmosphere is invigorating- the bright lights, neon signs and roaring traffic make it an exciting place to explore. Here’s what you should eat when visiting Chinatown…

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First watch our YouTube video of eating street food in Yaowarat…

What to eat in Yaowarat…

1. Oyster omelette/Hoi Tod

The oyster omelette or hoy tod at Nai Mong Hoi Tod is a revelation. The texture of the dish is one of the highlights. Plump, juicy oysters that explode in your mouth sit on top of a crispy batter that’s been fried in lard. It may not be the healthiest meal out there but it sure ranks high in the taste stakes. A must eat!

What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: hoy tod

What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: oyster omelette/hoy tod

2. Toasted buns

Follow the crowds on the main road of Yaowarat for this one! You’ll see huge numbers of people lining up for these toasted buns the second the stall opens. White rolls are grilled over charcoal and then slathered with a filling of your choice be it sweetened condensed milk, jam or egg custard. If you’re not great with Thai numbers, perhaps see if you can get a local to help you out seeing as they call the order numbers out in Thai. A delicious dessert!

3. Chinese desserts

No visit to Yaowarat is compete without sampling the Chinese desserts. Hot desserts include black sesame filled rice dumplings wallowing in a spicy, sweet ginger soup. But if you want something to beat the heat try the pink jelly covered water chestnuts which are served with coconut milk and crushed ice. Perch on a stool with your bowl of dessert and take in the mad Bangkok traffic. A quintessential Yaowarat experience!

What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: Chinese/Thai desserts

What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: Chinese/Thai desserts

4. Guay Jub

This rolled noodles and pork innards soup is particularly famous in Yaowarat. Slippery rice noodles and pork bits including kidney, liver, stomach, intestine and pork mince lounge in a peppery soup. It might not sound appealing but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Definitely give it a go!

5. Durian

Love it or hate it, durian is everywhere in Chinatown. We suggest finding a vendor along one of the alleys that branches off Yaowarat -the fruit is usually cheaper here. You can purchase pre-packed lobes of durian or buy a whole one and get it whacked open right then and there to eat. This pungent, fragrant, custardy fruit is a must eat when in Bangkok.

What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: durian

What to eat in Chinatown, Bangkok: durian

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We hope this Yaowarat food guide has helped you eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist! 


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What to eat in Yaowarat, Bangkok


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