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Top 3 things to eat at London’s Borough Market

by Chasing a Plate
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Many locals will tell you that Borough Market, London’s oldest food market is an over-priced, over-hyped tourist trap. A place where people who have more money than sense fork out cash for food you could get far better and cheaper elsewhere.

But in our opinion Borough Market which has existed in some form or another for over 1000 years, is worth a visit as there is definitely great food to be found here. Admire the vibrant produce and artisanal products beneath the market’s forest green steel arches as you listen to the roar of trains overhead and munch on the following snacks. These stallholders are a must visit…

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1. Sausage roll from The Ginger Pig

For one of the best sausage rolls in the capital head to the traditional British butcher, The Ginger Pig. This famous London butchers shop began on the farm with founder Tim Wilson raising cattle, sheep and pigs with a particular interest in farming rare breeds. The Ginger Pig butchers shops, of which there are now eight, are supplied by small, passionate farmers who have animal welfare and good animal husbandry at the forefront of their businesses. The idea that this results in superior meat for us diners is obvious the instant you take a bite of this sausage roll. 

Opt for the pork and Stilton a palm sized, hefty package of pork, cheese and flaky pastry. The filling is comprised of minced pork, pork fat, herbs and nuggets of punchy blue cheese all encased in a flaky, buttery puff pastry. It’s the flavour of the meat that sets this sausage roll apart from the others- each bite encapsulates an intense savoury, pork flavour- you can taste the quality of the meat in each mouthful. A must eat!

2. Fresh oysters from Richard Harwood

If you’re a fan of slurping down a few bivalves there’s no better place than Richard Harwood’s. These oystermen know what you’re doing- they’ve been harvesting wild spawned oysters from the coast of Mersea Island in Essex for seven generations, since 1792. To get an idea of the difference in taste between the varying ages nab a plate made up of different sizes- the smaller oysters being younger and milder whilst the larger oysters, about 5 years old are intensely briny. Splash on some mignonette sauce- that red wine vinegar and shallots combo that adds the perfect bite of acidity and tip it back. Remember to chew- you want to get the full flavour of the oyster and if it’s spawning season, that creamy explosion in your mouth. 

3. Doughnuts from Bread Ahead Bakery & School

They’re the most Instagrammed doughnuts in London but luckily for us punters it’s not all style and no substance when it comes to Bread Ahead’s signature pastry. Watch the bakers toss flour and knead pillowy mounds of dough through the windows of the bakery and then make a beeline for the small stall out front to pick up a box (yes, you’ll want more than one when you see the flavours) of fresh doughnuts.

Balls of deep fried dough injected with everything from a traditional jam filling (all the fruit from their jam comes from Borough Market) and vanilla cream to salted caramel cream or our personal favourite, the patriotic Eton Mess- a delicious mish-mash of fresh strawberries, shards of meringue, vanilla cream and fluffy, sugary, deep fried dough.

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