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UPDATED: The Staff Canteen at Changi Airport, Singapore + VIDEO

by Chasing a Plate
Staff Canteen meal, Changi Airport, Singapore

Looking for a cheap, delicious and authentic meal at Changi Airport in Singapore? Look no further than the staff canteen at Terminal 1 (there is a staff canteen at Terminal 2 also, but we hear there is more choice at the one in Terminal 1, so this post focuses on that).

The staff canteen is set up like a hawker style food court offering Indian, Malay, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. Food is either a ‘staff price’ (Changi airport staff get a discount) or a ‘public price’. The public price is a fraction more expensive but still very cheap (think roughly $5USD for a meal and a drink).

Read on/ watch our video below for more details on how to find the staff canteen at Terminal 1, Changi Airport.

How to find the staff canteen:

  1. When you’re in the departures hall of Terminal 1, stand with your back to the road and head to the far right of the hall towards the Air Asia counters.
  2. Behind the Air Asia check in counters you will see a blue sign with ‘Staff Canteen B1’.
  3. Take the elevators down to Basement Level 1.
  4. Voila! You’ve arrived!

Note: vendors only accept Singapore dollars.


Carrot cake, Staff Canteen, Changi Airport

Carrot cake

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The Staff Canteen, Singapore


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