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Nuttaporn: Bangkok

by Chasing a Plate

It’s bloody hard to find but once you do, you’ll be hard pressed to leave Nuttaporn without sampling at least four bowls of their house-made ice-cream (well we certainly did).  Is it the best in Bangkok? Many would fervently nod their heads. We would say that it was the best we had.  Nuttaporn is located in Old Bangkok.  The shop fronts and houses here remind me of being in Georgetown, Penang- quaint wooden shutters and stucco buildings- it’s a world away from the busy metropolis.  Nuttaporn is nondescript, you’d walk past without looking twice, not realising that ice-cream has been handcrafted from this tiny space for three generations.

There are only a handful of flavours to choose from and being in the tropics meant coconut and mango were at the top of our list.  Unfortunately the seasonal special of durian was sold out on our visit.



Dainty scoops are served in chipped china with metal spoons.  The simplicity of our surroundings and the unadorned ice-cream is magic.  The mango ice-cream is creamy and sweet.  The natural flavour of the fruit shines through. Heavenly.


The texture of the coconut ice-cream is completely different.  It has an icier texture which reminds me of Taiwanese snow ice.  The instant heat of our mouths turns each spoonful into a milky, sweet puddle, like melting snow.   The addition of peanuts to our second bowl adds crunch and an earthy depth of flavour to the dessert.






I could have sat there and devoured bowl after bowl for the rest of the afternoon whilst watching the lazy pace of local life. If you’re near this part of town, actually, even if you’re not, make the effort to search for Nuttaporn.  The ice-cream will blow your mind.

Good to know:

Coconut ice-cream 20THB
Mango ice-cream 30THB
Toppings 5THB each

94 Phraeng Puthon (off Tanao Road)
Getting around Bangkok can be tricky.  We found Nuttaporn by heading to the eastern end of Khao San Road.  Walk south along Tanao Road for 650 metres (about 8 minutes). On your right you will see Phraeng Nara Road, carry on down Tanao Road for about 50 metres and turn right down Phraeng Puthon. Continue down Phraeng Puthon (100 metres) until you hit the square.  Follow the square clockwise, until the first road to your right.  Nuttaporn is on the corner.

Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Images: Thomas Southam

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